Wednesday’s Weekly Wallpaper – Transistor


transistor_postcardWhen I came up with this section I wasn’t really sure it would work, but the responses have been so positive it’s now here to stay. After covering the AAA titles a few of you have asked for a focus on niche and indie projects, so what better place to start than Transistor.


Transistor is a wee little gem coming soon from the guys behind the stellar Bastion, SuperGiant Games. It’s a futuristic Noir styled action RPG with a dash of romance, tragedy and a whole mess of interesting and frantic combat. Ignore my words and head on down to the trailer at the bottom of the post to get a better idea.


This week I’m hitting you with three spectacular wallpapers, because to be frank, I couldn’t decide between them. Well that and you can never have too many desktop options.


As usual just click on each picture to see it in its native resolution. Below is the trailer and please keep your recommendations coming.

You give me the titles and I’ll track you down the wallpapers. We make a hell of a team, don’t we?

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  • Chad Wheeler

    Ooh Transistor good choice, I’m really looking forward to this one. The pictures here are damn nice and are now on a rotation of being my desktop wallpaper.

  • PSIress

    I reckon i might have to get this game.

  • Snake

    Very sexy pictures this week. Wallpaper changed