Wednesday’s Weekly Wallpaper – Infamous: Second Son


theVideoGameGallery_5884_1920x1080OK, so technically it’s a backdated Thursday Weekly Wallpaper, but in my defence I was at a super-secret hands-on event yesterday and a (gasp) CoolerMaster component showcase and ran out of time. Cool story Dave, anyway with further adieu here’s Delsin Roe.


Infamous: Second Son, out in a month or so, represents a reboot of sorts for the franchise with a new character, Delsin Roe depicted in all these wallpapers, taking the super-powered reins from Cole. The setting is as close to real world Seattle (home of developer Sucker Punch Productions) as you can get and is the franchise’s first foray onto next generation consoles.


One of the earliest powers at Delsin’s disposal is smoke and it looks pretty darned spectacular.


I originally planned to offer a single wallpaper each week, but the sheer volume and variation have made choosing impossible. I really dig the minimalist look of this one, but…


This is what’s adorning my desktop right now. Beautifully subtle, detailed and perfectly balanced it is one of the slickest damned shots I’ve seen in quite some time.

As always, click on the pic to get it in glorious 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Any games you’d like to see for next week? Drop suggestions in the comments below.

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  • Chad Wheeler

    Having this every week is great as it allows me to have a new set of wallpapers quite regularly and keeps my desktop looking all fancy-like. Also I’m really excited for this new Infamous game, it looks pretty great.

  • skaterguy845

    The last one is nice, but I absolutely love the 1st wallpaper. I’ve been looking for a new Second Son wallpaper to replace the one I’ve had for over a year now…

  • adin75

    I have been using that last one for a while now. It’s all real purdy like.

  • kozeeii

    You’re welcome.

  • kozeeii

    I love it too, dude. It looks absolutely amazing on my 1080p screen.

  • PSIress

    I know it doesn’t count but I have the last one as my ipad background now. Thanks guys!