Video: Your weekly round-up at the Trailer Park


Trailer Park 1As you’re sitting at your computer pining away for our next juicy podcast we want you to know we haven’t forgotten about you either. Welcome to the Trailer Park: a delicious smattering of the weird, wonderful and wackiest videos from the past seven days. Enjoy!

Let’s start mantastically with EA Sports UFC.

While we’re on fisticuffs get your Chaos Claws on in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.

Get ready for all of the feels with Dying Light’s Humanity trailer.

With Thief almost upon us here’s another tales from the city excerpt.

Last but not least is Evolve and it looks bad-arse. Happy hunting!

As usual, here’s a little Battlefield 4 gold courtesy of the one man wrecking crew XHOHO.

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Dave Kozicki

Shotgun Samurai
Video game reviewer, presenter and enthusiast. Film and TV-aholic. Pop culture geek. T-shirt and sneaker addict. All around nice guy and one hell of a sexy beast. Writer for Official PlayStation Magazine AU, AusGamers and Hyper Magazine.
  • PSIress

    Like that dying light trailer. I can’t wait to play it.

    And is it the 28th yet? Hmm.

  • Chad Wheeler

    Dying Light, Thief and Evolve. Three amazing looking games all to grace this week’s trailer park is just great.

    The song in the Evolve trailer, such an awesome cover.

  • kozeeii

    It’s the 28th for some of us.

  • adin75

    I hope Dying Light is a big step up from Dead Island, I’ll probably check out some streams/review before I buy. Not that Dead Island was terrible, it just wasn’t great either.
    Salivating for some Thief though :)

    Impressive BF4 video, makes taking out aircraft with an RPG look easy, I can never hit the bastards.

  • PSIress

    Oh I noticed… Jealous.

  • kozeeii

    Dying Light is looking extremely good, and exhibits none of the glitchiness of Techland’s previous forays in Dead Island. XHOHO is probably my favourite BF4 YouTuber. His skills are phenomenal. I’ve shot maybe 50-100 RPGs at jets and choppers and hit one, which I fortunately have downloaded. I think you were actually in my squad for that round.