Tech Tuesday: Roxio Game Capture HD Pro


roxio-logo-wht With our lives so inherently digital now, sharing content and showing off skills is slowly becoming the hi-score of this generation. Roxio has manufactured a device to simplify content capturing to help you grab those crazy brag worthy moments, whatever your gaming device.

l_21383348For those that have never played with this kind of tool, a little introduction is probably a good idea. Capture devices come in two main styles, internal and external. One is installed directly into your desktop computer, this is great option and usually records very smoothly, but doesn’t help you to record from that machine. The other (the external) is great for gamers with several gaming devices and spare computer. The concept is simple, the device acts as an intermediate between the desired footage and your TV or monitor without taking up the precious resources of the device. The Roxio Game Cap HD Pro is an external device, offering component and HDMI interfaces to allow you to grab all your desired HD content right to a separate laptop or desktop computer. The Gamecap HD is really easy to set up, just plug in your desired input and output, then either capture video directly to a HDD or use the supplied software to upload directly to Twitch all in 720p, 1080/60i or 1080/30p. The device can take Standard Definition devices but without any connections for composite (the old yellow, red and white system), it does rule out classic consoles like the Nintendo 64 or PlayStation One. setup-hdpro-xbox Though the unit is a little stingy when it comes to supplied cabling, it seems to be putting the money where it matters, the captured footage we grabbed from a PC, an Xbox 360 and a PS3 all seemed to be clear and smooth, the software provided is far from Adobe Premier or Final Cut, but it is actually more user friendly and functional than most of the provided software I have used. It allows separate audio and microphone support, voice mod support, animations, and speed control. If gamers do prefer a more professional software, the unit shows up as a standard video capture device, allowing you to use whatever program you want for capturing footage. So now we get to the important question, does it work with with the new gen consoles? The Game Capture HD comes out of the box ready to support Xbox One and states on its website that it is only a software update away from PlayStation 4 too. There are so many capture devices available on the market and some of the more expensive versions offer more functionality and more capturing options, but for someone starting to experiment or beginning the adventure of streaming, this is a great buy for the low price tag. Users can create crisp HD content, edit it all through the supplied software and show the world their supreme awesomeness by sharing it online. An bargain for sure.roxio  

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  • Chad Wheeler

    Personally this kind of gear is of no use to me, I have little to no inclination to share my game experience with other people. However, gear like this would be extremely useful to those that do create and share gaming content as there is definitely a market for it. The ability to capture perfect (or as close to that as possible) quality video would be a necessity for those that manage to make money off such content.

  • PSIress

    I always wondered how it all worked, the set up I mean. I don’t think I would share my gaming experiences with the masses either.

  • Bagmup

    I feel the same way Chad, mainly because i’m nowhere near good enough. :)

    Also, doesn’t the PS4 have the capability to stream straight to Twitch by itself?

  • Chad Wheeler

    It does but as far as I can tell the quality of the video I think depends on your internet. With this bit of hardware you can do anything (e.g. Edit it to cut out the boring or failed attempts) with the video before you choose to upload it somewhere as opposed to the straight live streaming you do with services like twitch.

  • Bagmup

    Ah yes, of course, we’ve all seen the sniper montages, they dont show the 3 billion failed attempts at a 360 no scope headshot across the map..

  • PSIress

    All my videos would be of failed attempts lol. I always sit there wondering how some guys manage to do what they do, whenever i try it I fail miserably every time.