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cm_storm_logo_by_z9yaya-d5ipc3u This week on Tech Tuesday Josh cracks the packaging on the CoolerMaster Reaper, part of the company’s brand new range of high-end gaming mice to see if this puppy is an impressive and exciting game changer or just an another mouse on the ever growing retail pile.

In a market inundated with flashy mice, it is difficult to enter a new product into the market with out heavy comparisons to the leading products available. So how do you make a mark? Cooler Master seem to have the answer here with this new mouse. Don’t reinvent the wheel, just make a better wheel.


Hello sexy


Shying away from slim lined and compact design this mouse is definitely not for people with dainty hands. Stocky and wide, it is truly designed with the hardcore gamer in mind, this is not to say it is uncomfortable, on the contrary, the Reaper is an absolute joy to use. It will take a while for some people to get used to sitting your hand very close to the front of the mouse, but the advantages are worth a little discomfort while getting used to this. The construction is aluminium and suits the futuristic style the mouse has gone for. Instead of the tired standard of unlimited colour schemes the Reaper has chosen to opt for a single bright white LED system. Two small front LEDs and strike across the Palm which looks hella cool! This can still be stylized through the software, however the options are limited to making the light breathe (fade on and off) and a neat system called rapid fire where the light will click off and on when a button is clicked.

Outside this most of the focus is hardware based.

Simple and elegant

Simple and elegant


The Reaper has had a great deal of its money put into performance, the buttons are all light and reactive, the thumb buttons are perfectly positioned, meaning there is no shifting your thumb to reach them. There is two DPI switches at the top of the mouse offering you on-the-fly adjustments depending on the game your playing. However the best DPI tool is the new button that sits at the tip of the thumb. This button when held down drops the sensitivity down to a near standstill, perfect for long distance sniping shots or times that you need to keep a bullet spray to a tight area. This new feature is my favourite part of the mouse, and it is great for caffeine junkies like myself that are always worried about accuracy.

In fact, my only problem with this mouse is its scroll wheel, though it is decent size and made from a durable metal, the positioning is too far back and has a strangely high resistance for using it as a middle mouse button. Clicking it feels a little awkward and throws me off when gaming, and the scrolling feels heavy and sluggish when changing weapons or scrolling through websites. A small problem I know but it has continued to annoy me since I started testing it, other than that this mouse is an amazing product.


Durable as they come

In the end it is still down to personal preference, those gamers with small hands would do well to avoid this mouse as it is not really one-size-fits-all. However if you are into control over customization, the Reaper is focused entirely on delivering a reactive and hardcore friendly unit with on-board memory so you are never without your settings even if you move between computers. The laser provides a smooth movement and the ability to set up to four DPI settings means that changing between game types doesn’t mean a trip to the desktop to play with the installed software. This mouse is really something else, before running to one of the tried and tested product ranges, gamers may want to try this bad boy out for a contrasting idea of what you can get for your money.

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  • Chad Wheeler

    Looks pretty damn nice, might look into it down the line if/when my current mouse starts to go.

  • adin75

    Looks fancy, but will it help me download porn faster? I didn’t think so…………

  • Bagmup

    Nice, i like that you can remove and paint the rear aluminium palm part if you want. Still cant find an online retailer with stock, and coolermaster wont send OS for some reason.

  • Bagmup

    Maybe not, but you can delete browser history faster :P

  • kozeeii

    Looking into it for you Baggy. Will let you know when I hear something.

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