Podcast: Episode 148 – The hangover


garrett.jpgHitting the second show of 2014, Dave and Josh battle wretched hangovers and disturbingly hot weather to bring you previews of upcoming heavyweights, such as Thief, Dark Souls II and The Lord of the Rings bad-arsery of Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor.



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Steady. Steaaaddddddy

Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod for supplying the intro track.

Big ups to Namco Bandai for hands on time with Thief and Dark Souls II.

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  • Chad Wheeler

    Ooh, Evolve sounds really interesting I look forward to hearing about it when you can talk about it.

    Battlefield has definitely been worth the money for me too. One thing I found a little funny though is that they chose the shortest month of the year to be player appreciation month.

    I look forward to hearing about ESO, what you have to say will help me come to a decision on if I want it or not.

    Have you guys seen the awesome little game on Steam Nidhogg? Have a look at it, it’s ridiculous fun when you’re playing against each other.

    The more I hear about Thief the more I really want it, would you guys recommend PC or PS4?

    I really hope the PC version of Dark Souls 2 isn’t a broken mess like the PC version of the original, especially because I don’t have a working PS3 and don’t want to pay for Xbox Live for online play components on my 360.

    Shadow of Mordor looks quite interesting, I really hope it turns out well because there aren’t many (if any) really good Lord of the Rings based games.

    Looks like this wall of text will be a regular thing from me with my inability to get to the live show, enjoy mo’ fuckers.