Interview: Evolving co-op with Jonathan Bloch


evolve-pc-gamesRecently I was invited for a hands-on with the asymmetrical four versus one co-op shooter Evolve. Utilising my hunter skills, I tracked down Jonathan Bloch, Producer at Turtle Rock Studios, had him in my sights and fired a few pointed questions.. We talked portable batteries, co-op gaming and evolving multiplayer.

Click here to listen to the interview:

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Evolve is a co-operative title where four hunters attempt to take down a monster controlled by fifth player. The hunters are class based and have an array of skills and tools to aid in their pursuit. The monster player can kill wild life and other smaller monsters to evolve unlocking new abilities and strength. Evolve will be available in Spring this year.

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  • Chad Wheeler

    You had some really good questions in there, all of which led to answers that made me more excited for when it releases.

  • Snake

    I wasn’t big on this earlier but now with this interview and another one I heard I’m getting very excited for it. It’s sounding very awesome so far

  • PSIress

    I’m the same as snake, wasn’t keen on it at first but now its looking good. Wouldn’t say I am as excited as he is though.