Artsy-Fartsy: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII



As the year starts to pick up, gamers can begin to get excited as the flood gates open and 2014’s new releases hit shelves. This week we take a look at the diverse art of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Is it electrifying? Does it still have that spark? Click on and find out.


Great environment designs.


Reminds us of Devil May Cry.


The party’s light show was a real hit.


Don’t fall in…


This is your brain on drugs.


Storm’s comin’.


Breathtaking stuff.


Surf’s up dude!

There you go people, another array of artworks to stimulate your mind till the weekend.

Are you a Final Fantasy fan? Does this game interest you at all?

Let us know in the comment field below and start a discussion!

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  • Chad Wheeler

    These pictures look nice and all but they don’t do much for me in terms of getting me interested in FF. I thought I heard that FF13 was generally regarded as not that great, why are they continuing with it if that’s the case?

  • kozeeii

    That’s just local reviews, the franchise is still massive in Japan.

  • Chad Wheeler

    This doesn’t surprise me and there will probably always be a place for this kind of game (even if I don’t like it).