Wednesday’s Weekly Wallpaper – featuring Deathstroke

Deathstroke - batman arkham origins

shutterstock_3532399Who doesn’t like making their desktop look sexy? It’s as much of a statement as the clothes you wear or that bad-arse gaming satchel bag making you the envy of all your friends. Every week I’ll be dishing out something to make your console or PC look all spiffy like.

Just before the end of last year I featured Syan Art in Artsy-Fartsy, our ever so cultured weekly segment. It seems more than fitting that I kick off this new weekly section with the wallpaper which adorns my desktop at this very moment. You can find a full HD render of it here.

This desktop is a "stroke" of genius (bazinga!)

This desktop is a “stroke” of genius (bazinga!)

This week’s wallpaper feature Deathstroke from Batman: Arhkam Origins. It looks remarkable on my 1080p laptop and even better on my 27″ monitor. The character’s colour scheme and volatile nature makes this explosive background choice perfect. With his knife at the ready he’s beckoning you to step closer and receive death’s embrace and the sheer volume of stuff going on behind him, be it flames, particles or explosive debris, is impressive.

Stay tuned for weekly additions to your desktop background collection, and feel free to post your favourite or someone you’d like me to feature in the future in the comments below.

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  • Snake

    Very sexy. Too bad the PS4 doesn’t support themes yet. My PS3 will remain the sexy busty pirate girl :drool: but maybe my PC may get some loving

  • Chad Wheeler

    Guess who has a new desktop background.

  • PSIress

    I hope they bring back themes for ps4.