Wednesday’s Weekly Wallpaper – Bound by Flame


bound-by-flame-bgjpg-882decNot only is this segment a way to make your desktop background like all sparkly glowy, but also a chance to educate you and expand your gaming knowledge. You’re welcome. Bound by Flame is an upcoming action RPG with some damned sexified design work.

It tells the tale of a mercenary possessed by a flaming demon, forced to choose between unleashing the unconscionable power residing within, at the cost of his humanity and soul. Will you choose to become more powerful with the toll manifesting itself physically as well as on your immortal soul, or choose to keep your inner demon at bay and become the hero legends are made of?

The bigger they are, the harder they... ahh crap.

You are one big, ugly motherfucker!

I’m loving this idea. It’s kind of what the initial BioShock Infinite trailers teased about Elizabeth’s abilities and bears similarities to the underrated PS Vita gem, Soul Sacrifice. That’s why I’m sharing the love with you guys with not one, but two epic wallpapers to remind you to keep this bad boy on your radar, before it flies in underneath it.

Flame on!

Flame on!

Both of these wallpapers are in 1920 x 1080 resolution. Just click on each, dump on your desktop and keep them close to your heart day after day.

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