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bf4_kozeeiiI’m not shy to admit it, I loves me some Battlefield 4. Even with the netcode issues, I feel I’ve more than got my money’s worth after knocking out over 200 hours in multiplayer, and I’m still learning new things. Every week I’ll be passing this knowledge on to you.

Love is a Battlefield

Love is a Battlefield

Above is my Battlelog. That’s a detailed look at my stats thanks to DICE. developers of Battlefield 4. So I may not have the best Kill/Death ratio in the world, and my skill level has dropped a bit since I’ve been playing around with weapons outside of my comfort zone, namely anything vaguely snipery, but after spending a couple of hundred hours in the last two months on the PtayStation 4 version alone I feel I have a solid grasp of the multiplayer Conquest mode component.

This week I’m not even going to break down weaponry, tactics or hints for each map. I’m going to give you the keys to the kingdom. I’m going to show you how to get the easiest points you can, and most people STILL don’t do it.

Spotting the enemy

I point at all the things!

I point at all the things!

This should become as regular to you as breathing. It’s a little thing called “spotting”.

Just before you shoot at some poor soon to be dead bastard down your sights, or if you spy some troops off in the distance, a sniper on a rooftop or a chopper, boat or tank making your team’s life miserable, do everyone a favour and spot them. This devilishly difficult process involves a simple keystroke or button press (“Q” on PC, RB on Xbox, R1 on PS4, R2 on PS3) and voilà, a little orange triangle will appear above their head for 5-10 seconds.

No only does it help your team by notifying everyone of enemy positions, but let’s say you don’t get the drop on them and end up succumbing to an acute case of death, your squad or team-mates can avenge you or at the very lest know if someone’s creeping up on them or a checkpoint. This single press scores you 25 XP if they die by anyone’s hand but your own and double that if your squad finishes them off. It’s so easy to do but you’d be amazed how many players ignore it.

Issuing squad commands

Looking for an objective? A practised leader will tell you where to go

Looking for an objective? A practised leader will tell you where to go

Every team is broken up into a selection of five-man squads, with each designated a squad leader. You may not know this, but if you’re in command you can grab yourself and your squad a brazillion XP, just by issuing orders.  Using the same button as you do when spotting, hover over any objective marker on the map and press. If you have taken that zone already “Defend” will come up. If it’s in enemy hands “Attack” will, as you can see in the picture above.

That mere press lets your squad know where you’re headed and where you’d like them to go. Besides the obvious advantage of communication, every squad member who moves to the indicated objective scores points, and you, as squad leader, earn the same amount for each squad member who follows your orders. It’s easy money. It’s there to be had. Look at the picture below. The “Squad Order Bonus” is a massive 200 XP, for almost doing nothing. Lead from the front and garnish yourself and squad-mates a little XP boost on the side. It couldn’t be any more basic.

The easiest points you'll earn - Squad Order Bonus

The easiest points you’ll earn – Squad Order Bonus

These are just two of the quickest and mind-blowingly simple things to do to keep the communication between squad members and the rest of the team open and earn yourself a shit-load of bullet-free points in the process. I constantly see players in my squad ignoring both and it just doesn’t make sense to me.

Spot up, squad up and lead by example. Your squad will love your work, your team will too, and you might even win the damned game in the process.

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  • Chad Wheeler

    I do both of these as much as possible, the extra points are too good to pass up. Spotting is something I do on every enemy unless they’re standing right in front of me, in addition to being helpful to the team, it helps when you’re lining up a good bunch of shots on the fly.

  • skaterguy845

    I know that I spot everything… Whenever a plane or helichopper flys over, it’s spotted. You’re welcome BF4.
    Haven’t had a chance to be squad leader yet though… Sadface

  • adin75

    200hrs and only 1 spotting medal? Seems someone needs to lift their game :p

  • kozeeii

    I know, right? All you guys need to get better at killing the troops I spot. Sort yourselves out.

  • adin75