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coming-next-weekYou may have noticed a few changes around the site this year. Perhaps it’s some of our regular posts showing up on different days or new weekly features. It’s OK, don’t be afraid. Every Friday we’ll give you the skinny on what the next week on rawDLC has to offer.


It’s pretty, it’s so damned pretty

Earlier this week I had the chance for some hands on time with the PS4 version of Thief. As a newcomer to the franchise I found it a very different gaming experience. You can get my thoughts on it in a preview  in the next few weeks or on the podcast Sunday.

Josh taps the start of the week taking back the reins of Tech Tuesday. It’s all about the visuals with detailed critique of the AMD Radeon R9 290 graphics card. Does it pack a punch for your eyeballs? Find out on Tuesday.

We’re still going to be prettying up your desktop with the arresting double-tap of Wednesday’s Weekly Wallpaper and Artsy-Fartsy on Thursday. Be sure to let us know if there are any titles you’d like to see featured by sounding off in the comments below.

Looks like it's lights out for you, pal

Looks like it’s lights out for you, pal

This week’s podcast will be a look ahead at 2014 and a break down of our hands on with Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Final Fantasy XIII – Lightning Returns and Thief.

Saturday is still your one-stop shop for gaming video gold in the Trailer Park and this Sunday I start dropping pointers on how to be more effective in Battlefield 4.

rawDLC in 2014. It’s a whole new ball game.

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  • Chad Wheeler

    I’m interested to hear what you have to say about Thief, I really like the concept of these games, especially as a low combat stealth game.

    If the live show is on at any time from 4pm onwards (around when I get home from work on Sunday) you can consider me there.

  • Snake

    Damn I’m in the city on Sunday for Aus Day. Will have to start watching live from next week

  • pizza

    I played a Thief game once,it was fucking ridiculous because it was tougher than that Splinter cell guy.OK I admit i was fucking useless back then in terms of patience.So for me its not fun at all,however it could be clever.I wish i could remember the xbox title.I REMEMBER you had to follow the fucking feet to get behind the guy and put him in a choke hold.rating 9/10 for difficulty ppc

  • PSIress

    I was so bummed, i started to watch todays show when my best mate and his gf came out from the unit out the back and engaged me in a two hour conversation…