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coming-next-weekYou may have noticed a few changes around the site this year. Perhaps it’s some of our regular posts showing up on different days or new weekly features. It’s OK, don’t be afraid. Every Friday we’ll give you the skinny on what the next week on rawDLC has to offer.

Lara, so hot right now. Literally. Hot, right now.

Lara, so hot right now. Literally. Hot, right now.

Josh and I got a hands on with the PS4 version of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and it is ridiculously good-looking. Keep your peepers peeled for the preview early next week.

Need more kit? I take the sexsational Braven 850 and 855s Bluetooth speakers for a spin and let you know if it’s worth the price-tag for next week’s Tech Tuesday

What about the podcast on Wednesday, you say? Not Wednesday any more. We’re moving the live podcast to Sunday afternoons and will have the podcast up on Monday mornings now. Can you think of a better way to start or end your week? We can’t.

We sneak in some time with Thief this week

We sneak in some time with Thief this week

Next week’s podcast will be a look ahead at 2014 and a break down of our hands on with Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy XIII – Lightning Returns and Thief.

We’ve moved into an artistic double tap with Wednesday’s Weekly Wallpaper replacing the podcast and Artsy-Fartsy moves from Friday to Thursday.

Friday is your look at the week ahead, Saturday is still the Trailer Park for all that gaming video gold and Sundays will feature either sporadic contributions from our community the DLC Crew called Crew View or fuel my Battlefield 4 obsession with some tips, trick and my various rants on the game.

Welcome to rawDLC in 2014. It’s a whole new ball game.

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  • Snake

    Awesome Sauce!!!! I can now start watching the podcast live again !!!!

  • Chad Wheeler

    I see change as a good thing, I like the idea of the look at the week ahead thing.

    It’s great that you guys will be back doing the podcast again soon but the big downside here is that I work pretty much every Sunday from late morning until just plain late. However on the few occasions that I’ll actually be home to see the live show you better believe I’ll be there.

    EDIT: Stupid hospitality and its stupid making me work stupid irregular hours.

  • Bagmup

    What time Sunday arvo? Much better time slot than hump day. Although it cuts into prime BF4 time…

  • kozeeii

    We’re still working it out, but it should be early-mid afternoon.

  • Snake

    So when do they kick off? Tomorrow (19/1) or next week(26/1)

  • PSIress

    Definitely better on a sunday arvo, loving the new changes too guys.

    Can’t wait to hear about thief!

  • kozeeii

    Next week Snake.

  • adin75

    Aww, im at work on Sundays. Well I go to the place that pays me on Sundays, how much work is done is questionable.