Video: The VGX Trailer Park – just for Adin


vgx-2013-game-of-the-year-award_hqdefaultThe Spike Video Game Awards, now The VGX, has been and gone and with it the usual slew of trailers and announcements. This year’s batch was a little underwhelming other than a Telltale Games surprise. This post goes out to impatient DLC Crew member Adin.

Tomb Raider get a next-gen makeover for early 2014 and looks the tits.

Thief gets all medieval and supernatural on your arse.

The Witcher 3 shows off its gameplay and damn fine visuals. Want. This. Now!

This tech demo for The Division powered by the Snowdrop engine will make your jaw drop.

No Man’s Sky is an incredibly ambitious procedurally generated exploration sim. Check it out.

Have a gander at this beast of an exoskeleton. Meet the Ogre from Titanfall.

Telltales Games is bringing vault hunter flavour in Tales from the Borderlands. So excite!

I’ll leave you with another gas-tastic offering from South Park: The Stick of Truth.

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Dave Kozicki

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  • Chad Wheeler

    As a quick heads up, you have The Witcher 3’s video twice in place of the Snowdrop tech demo.

  • kozeeii

    Cheers Chad. Thought I’d checked it.

  • adin75

    Yay, I’m in the title!!!!!!

    So many great games to look forward too.

    Love your work Dave :)

  • Snake

    How did you manage that? Been saving Dave’s ass again in BF