Artsy-Fartsy: State of Decay


SoD LogoAfter putting a decent number of hours into this overlooked action survival game, it seems right to take a look behind the scenes at some of the art that inspired this title. Check out these cool images and have a great weekend!


Are those Zombies or angry youths? I just can’t tell any more.


“You just had to wear cologne didn’t you, Jeff!”


Home sweet home, or whatever


Survival 101: Never trust an empty street


Is that a tank at a church? Rock and roll!


Don’t. Fucking. Breathe.


More tanks!


Tranquil or dangerous?


Neighborhood watch

Oh, hey… Umm… Shit.


There you go gang, another week down. Christmas is almost here.

Have you played State of Decay? Are you still interested in Zombie games?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments field below and help us start a discussion!


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  • Chad Wheeler

    Overlooked is very right, I think because it’s “just a downloadable game. People might not think that the game offers much because it hasn’t had a retail release but those hypothetical people are so very wrong. The way I have been describing this game is that it’s kind of like The Walking Dead in that the game is about the people and their survival during what is essentially a shit time as opposed to the many ADD zombie killing games out there.