Artsy-Fartsy: Spruce up your desktop with Syan Art

Batman Arkham Origins - Electron

heavenly swordAfter bitch-slapping Josh into submission and taking control of his page I wanted to hit you with some gold courtesy of Syan Art. This guy takes established images and adds his own astounding flair. His work’s been all over my laptop for months. Here’s his best of the best.

For full HD versions of these wallpapers check out Syan Art.

Batllefield 4 Wallpaper

No better way to start than with Battlefield 4 – China Rising.

Mirror's Edge 2

Keep the Faith with this eye-shattering tribute to Mirror’s Edge.

Killzone SF Helgast wallpaper

Here’s a double dose of Killzone: Shadow Fall. First up, a Helghast elite.

killzone shadow fall

And representing Vekta, Lucas Kellan with his floating Swiss Army Knife of death, the OWL.

Batma AO wallpaper

Keeping the double-tap vibe going is this wicked Batman: Arkham Origins montage.

batman origins deathstroke wall

Followed by the villain you love to hate, the ever so kick-arse Deathstroke.

god of war kratos!

The angriest man in gaming is taunting the Sun with his Icarus wings.

assassins creed 2 awesome wallpaper 2

Let’s kick it a little old school and remember assassinating on a wing and an Altair.

Heavenly sword - Nariko

Or the damn heavenly booty… err… sword of Nariko.

Bayonetta 2 Wallpaper

Enjoy this ass-tastic shot of the gun-witch with the mostest, Bayonetta.

TitanFall SyanArt Wallpaper

Are you ready? Prepare for Titanfall.

Brink awesome wallppaer

I’ll leave you with what’s on my desktop right now, the sadly misunderstood gem Brink.

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  • Chad Wheeler

    I’m always on the lookout for sexy desktop pictures, you have provided like mo’fuckin’ boss!

  • kozeeii

    That’s just how we roll, Chad.