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pm_wd_93013We spend a lot of our time here covering gaming tech (we will be back to that tomorrow, we promise) but let’s get a little geeky for a moment. Here’s a back-up device you should seriously consider investing in: Personal cloud storage.



Mac, PC, tablet or phone, most of us have some form of digital device. In a lot of cases provided software like Dropbox or iCloud handle basic setting and files, but many people don’t have a system for overall file backup or some place where all of your digital life resides. Though some might be comfortable with loosing downloaded videos or music, what if you could make your backup more than just a storage box? Let me introduce the WD My Cloud.

Imagine having access to your files anywhere at any time. Do you want an album you don’t have on your phone? Need a document you left at home? Cloud storage is already becoming a booming business but having your own personal cloud offers security and access without any limit or regular subscription. But this is only the start, access to your files is almost an added bonus when you look at the other features the My Cloud has on offer.

Ahead of the rest.

Ahead of the rest.

Using a Gigabit Ethernet connection, this hard drive connects quickly to your router and in only a few steps is ready for file transfer. Drag what you need over, set up what back ups you need and then the fun begins. Once you set up the software on your computers (or apps on your devices) the files are all available immediately and if you set up a mycloud.com account, they can be accessed from 3g, 4g or via any WiFi connection. On top of this, the My Cloud instantly offers iTunes access to the drive through home sharing and DLNA services for Xbox, PS3, PS4 or any modern smart TV.

Lastly, the drive offers a back up of your back up (stay with me here) via a USB3 on the back of the unit, connect another hard drive to this port and you are able to expand your storage or create a makeshift RAID backup to keep your MY Cloud safely backed up at all times.

Easy to use interface.

Easy to use interface.

The My Cloud is an amazing device. Sure it’s not the first of its kind, but its comprehensive list of features and user friendly software makes it one of the best storage systems I have used to date. The device supports multiple users, each with their own secure file section and it offers anyone a digital safe box with access from anywhere with internet access.
Having a network backup is so important in this day and age and the My Cloud offers a wonderfully comprehensive approach to the whole idea. Tech heads NEED this device!

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  • PSIress

    Ooooo I think I need one of these for my photography. How much do one of these bad boys cost?

  • adin75

    Hmm the cloud hey? Well unless that sucker has 5 billion transistors in it, lets me race against my friends drivathingy’s and gives my glorious upscaled 1080p I’m not interested.