Screens: Joy to the world! Save Christmas with Saints Row


Christmas_presents_2416800bDoes Christmas seem different to you this year? Do people seem a little jack of  it all? Well never fear, Saints Row 4 has some amazing DLC coming soon to combat the holiday blues. Check out the sweet images below the jump!
Saints 4 cropped

This new DLC for Saints Row 4, ‘How the Saints Save Christmas’, has Santa Claus trapped inside the simulation, and the Boss (you, dummy) doesn’t want to save him. The Saints must help you recover the spirit of Christmas in time to save the holiday and, no doubt, the WORLD!


It’s not Christmas without giant candy canes.


Just some minor adjustments.


Nothing like hanging stockings over the nuclear reactor.


Rocket powered sled action.


Your not cracking my nuts, bitch!


Great Die Hard reference!


Spoiler: Shaundi is a terminator.




Ye olde Xmas love.


And what do you want for Christmas little boy?


I’ll give you some Christmas cheer!


Need more? head over to for more info on the game and some sing-a-long fun!

So gang, who’s up for saving Christmas? Are you interested in getting this DLC?

Throw your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  • Chad Wheeler

    That looks absolutely ridiculous. I’m in.

  • DoGM3At

    And that my friend is why we love Saints Row.