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It’s no secret that I am a big fan of the Steel Series brand, in fact the Steel Series Sensei is still the best mouse I have used to date. However, times change and new product will constantly grace the market. As Steel Series begin to roll out their new range, the Rival has appeared offering precise movement, great design and all at the affordable price tag of under $100. Intrigued? Read on.

Simple. Powerful. Functional

Simple. Powerful. Functional

The Steel Series Rival seems odd when you pull it out of its packaging. Like the Sensei before it, the Rival’s design is not focused on flashy aesthetics, rather the mouse has a simple matte design with very little glamour. For those more concerned with some customisation, users also  have the ability to change the mouse’s LED colours. The Rival has two thumb buttons on one side, large and well placed for easy access, I love this feature as I’ve always struggled with the top thumb button on any mouse I have used. The scroll wheel is well designed, rubberized and moves freely with definable motion, perfect for weapon switching during gameplay. The unit has gripped sections on both sides to help precision and the cord is reinforced at the top of the mouse to help prevent wear and tear.

The mouse is using Steel Series’s new Engine 3 program which allows gamers to connect multiple devices using the same profile, allowing you to have special setups for each game played. So far only 3 products from the current range are usable with the new software, luckily I have been testing the Steel Series Siberia Elite (review soon) so I got to see this new tech in action. Both the mouse and the headset settings are re-adjustable, meaning that once you set them up they will automatically change to your preference to suit the desired experience. This super useful for people who tend to switch games a lot (like myself).


Big buttons

The Steel Series Rival is an amazing buy for the money. Avoiding the high end flash and features that come with the more pricey products, this mouse gives the best possible product around its price bracket. Lacking things like weights, or interchangeable parts it may not be for the uber PC enthusiasts or professional gamer but the Rival is a great choice for those that don’t have unlimited funds and want reliability and function more than design. The Rival is a great performer.

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