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scribblenautssuperman4_320x245Biff! Bam! Pow! Josh goes super crazy diving into one of the most interesting and bizarre takes on DC Comic’s universe. Using the powers he is given he lets loose all manner of ridiculous mash ups. Click on through to his review.

Cosmic smackdown! Fight!

Cosmic smack down. Fight!

I have to be honest, I have never been the biggest Scribblenauts fan. I enjoy the puzzle solving elements, however the controls and the level design felt very repetitive  to me. Having said this, I believe the series could do something truly special and have been waiting for the day. lt’s arrived. Scribblenauts Unmasked takes the ideas and design of its previous incarnation and pushes outside basic puzzle gaming, opening up its toolbox to a world that almost anyone can connect to… comic books.

DIY Super heroes

DIY Super heroes

Players are tossed back into the shoes of Maxwell, the series protagonist. Maxwell, like most kids his age, loves comic books. With the help of his sister Lily, the two travel into the DC universe for some epic fun and adventure. After a wonderfully introduction into comic books, players are quickly shown the game mechanics and then dumped in Gotham City.

However, Maxwell and Lily are not the only ones to enter the DC universe. In a marvellous comic book styled twist Maxwell quickly finds out he has an evil doppelganger helping the DC villains.  As all heroes do, he answers the call and very quickly finds himself fighting along side the Justice League to save the universe and stop the forces of evil from prevailing. 


Corps, blimey!

Avoiding a simple level structure, Unmasked instead allows players to run loose in the city, free to explore the world. Once you have completed the first story mission, you are encouraged to play hero via side missions. These are usually simple puzzles to solve and even though these do not directly affect the story itself, you will be rewarded with experience to unlock new items and costumes. Once unlocked, costumes can be combined at the Batcave sallowing you to create your own super heroes or villains to use and share with other Scribblenauts Unmasked players.

From here the world expands exponentially. The more you play and do, the more worlds unlock. There are plenty of cool story moments and fans of the DC universe will be surprised at the ridiculously extensive library of items and characters available. This is where most of the fun lies, as you can act out all of your favourite ‘what if’ scenarios and see how Superman would fare against the likes of the Kraken or a robot dinosaur.



Though there has been a respectful amount of effort put into this title, if you are not into the concept of Scribblenauts or DC comics then this will probably fail to excite you. Scribblenauts Unmasked puts a new slant on the already established gameplay, but outside super hero battles and puzzle based gaming,  it may feel a bit samey to series veterans. Far from cheap on content, those who enjoy a bit of lateral thinking will be rewarded and be smitten by the cute and funny art style. Well worth a look.


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