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One shot, one kill

oneAnother year has passed and again it is time to check out the latest Call of Duty title. However, this year Infinity Ward aim to change up the formula a little. Curious, rawDLC rocked up to a preview event. Grab our thoughts after the jump.


One shot, one kill

Past the sea of memes about dogs and the similar look and feel that Call of Duty: Ghosts might have to the rest of the series, gamers should always approach every new game in a franchise without prejudice. Call of Duty: Ghosts may still play the same, however the series is doing its best this time around to appease people with some changes to the overall experience. rawDLC got invited to take a look at the new game and have some hands on with the multiplayer. Naturally, we took the trip down to Sydney’s Carriage Works and jumped in on the fun. After a quick meet and greet we were seated in front of a cinema screen for a presentation of the games new features and draw cards.


About time

About time

Call of Duty has always tried to give players a personalized touch to the characters you play in multiplayer and this year Infinity Ward is giving the player the ability to create their own soldier. The first and most progressive feature added to this is the ability to make your character a female. Though it makes no difference to the way you play, girl gamers around the world will be happy to finally have the choice. Players can also choose skins, body type, equipment (aesthetically) and head gear with well over 20,000 combinations. Perks and kill streaks have been reworked to allow more personalization and for the first time Call of Duty moves past individual soldiers and offers the ability to create squads. Squads can be upgraded just like a normal soldier and certain matches can have you pit yourself and your squad against another AI team which is perfect for those wanting to practice new tactics or level up new characters.

New engine


It’s a jungle out there

Though it is nowhere near as attractive as some of the upcoming first person shooters, the game does run smoothly at 60 frames per second and it still has few interesting talking points. With its new engine, Ghosts now has much more attention shined on lighting and textures. In game textures are now scaled based on what’s on screen at a time, this helps maintain fluidity and performance. Sound has also been overhauled, now player will notice that location will dramatically affect the sounds around them, for example if the player is in wooden house the audio will dampen to match that environment, if they then run for a tin shack, the sound will adjust in real time. Cool stuff. Lastly, the character animations have been polished, making climbing and vaulting more fluid and less robotic and more natural.

New modes


Same same, but new

Some new modes were demoed, Blitz played like Capture the flag without a return run. Players must try and reach an opponent’s marker to score, once at a marker the victor will be teleported back to his marker and gain a point for his team. The game forces teams to switch up regularly from offence to defense and is the perfect mode for times when you have only enough time for a few quick rounds. Cranked was the other favourite, like Jason Statham in the 2006 film, gamers are given a time limit upon their first kill and then have a limited time to kill again otherwise they will die. This became frantic in seconds and is one of the most heart attack inducing multiplayer matches I have ever played. The other game types were the same, but little additions like knee slides did make the game fell a little more modern and fans of the series will be pleasantly surprised with the small tweaks added to smooth up the gameplay.

New world


Hi Mom!

During our presentation we were treated to a look at the new story campaign. Ghosts is moving its world into a vague future time frame where the America is devastated by a super weapon and lays in ruin, our demo had astronauts on a space station over run by a brutal strike team and forced to defend themselves. Don’t expect hugely different gameplay, but the singleplayer seems to at least have the same style of cinematic scenes that the series has become so famous for. It was a good set up for an action plot and again, fans will no doubt love the speed and excitement that the series does so well. Call of Duty: Ghosts is due out in Australia on Nov 5 and is available on PC, PS3, Xbox360 and on Xbox One and PS4 at launch.

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  • Snake

    Sounds like this May be the COD that brings me back to the series. Although spreading my limited time between this, BF4 and KZ4 may be a bit much

  • Bagmup

    I wasn’t going to buy this, in fact, i haven’t watched a single video on it. But…I’m a slut for online fps that work. A lot of people say BF is better and that’s cool, for them, i prefer a twitch shooter, i don’t like vehicles in multi, it just doesn’t work, or should i say, developers haven’t made it work properly…yet. I want KZ to be good, but it seems Guerilla has no idea on how to make a balanced fps multiplayer game. KZ3 was a fucking mess, just ask Dave. I’ll be getting on PS4

  • kozeeii

    The multi is heaps of fun, I had a few hours of it with Josh, and twitch shooter is right. It’s even faster than ever Baggy. I’ll be in LA next week reviewing both single and multiplayer and let you know all about it on the show when I get back.

  • Bagmup

    Damn you, I’m free if ya want company..