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20131002_212446_resizedLast night to celebrate Battlefield 4 and DICE’s Creative Director Lars Gustavsson coming down under, EA set up an evening of entertainment and degustation (or rather de-Gustavsson?) for select media and Dave was lucky enough to wrangle his way into the event.

Don't look at the camera, don't look at the camera... ahh crap

Don’t look at the camera, don’t look at the camera… ahh crap

With no idea what to expect we were greeted by Lars Gustavsson himself and a sexy selection of local EA representatives and told to buckle up for a night to remember. On the menu? Dining with Lars and many peers you’ll recognise from the podcast in the pic above such as, Stephen ‘Pointy’ Farrelly, The GAP’s Joab Gilroy, Gameplanet’s James Cullinane and our good buddy Nathan ‘Nachos Justice’ Lawrence to name a few .

Oh Jimmy, you're hi-lar-i-ous!


Just about everything was Battlefield 4 themed including a giant freaking tank situated directly behind us. EA guaranteed a hearty meal far superior to the MREs us battle-hardened war veterans were used to. With a five-course meal and matching drinks we were all fed like kings, but I’ll let the photos paint a far superior picture of the night.

Mmmm...we loves us some smoked salmon

Mmmm…we loves us some smoked bonito

The food and drink pairings were the brainchild of local culinary maestro Karl Firla of Oscillate Wildly and did not disappoint. After an entrée nod to Frostbite 3 of tomato buried in parmesan custard, served with a tomato consomme and an earthy Lebanese Pale Ale, we attacked the bonito sashimi served on a bed of Foie Gras (see above) and surrendered to a smooth matching French Riesling.


Dave can barely contain his excitement

Between courses comedian Dave Callan entertained the group with some genuinely funny gaming related giggles and, of course, a slew of DICE and Battlefield 4 references.

Love is a Battlefield

Love is a Battlefield

Before knifing and ripping the dog-tags off the main course we were serenaded by a talented performing duo as they duelled violins to the classic Battlefield music theme…

He's on FIRE!

He’s on FIRE!

.. and amazed the crowd with some precarious tricks, of note was a sword balanced on a dagger balanced on the man’s chin! Not to be outdone by the usual flambe candelabras whizzing past, of all things, my head.

Got dinner in our sights

Got dinner in our sights

We all parachuted into the third course, a tender serve of venison with a spectacular beetroot and horseradish coulis perfectly balanced with a Santa Cruz blended red. This was one hell of a crowd pleaser and literally melted in your mouth.

For the LOLz

Battlefield: Good Company Too

As you can see from the picture above we were all having a remarkably good time and they just kept on rolling on when the pre-double dessert entertainment commenced.

This took all of five minutes!

Australian speed painter Brad Blaze took centre stage. In the blink of an eye (a more realistic count was closer to several minutes – still impressive) he smashed out this wicked tribute to ba-da-ba-ba-baduh Battlefield 4 as the chefs resupplied us with the appropriate ordinance.

Save yourselves, I'll dive on the grenade!

Save yourselves, I’ll dive on the grenade!

This ode to the Battlefield: Bad Company franchise was enough to make a grown man cry. Each chocolate grenade had a marshmallow top, was filled with plums, boysenberries, raspberries and crackling pop-rocks all served on a bed of Milo. It was outstanding on its own, and even better when topped off with a 15 year-old Portuguese Madeira. Damn!

This was not your regular canteen food

This was not your regular canteen food

The final salute was a flaming sorbet combination of blood peach, apricot and apple flanked by empty bullet casings (not edible, I tried), and there’s no better way to finish a meal off than with a fine scotch whisky.


Perfect end to a perfect evening

This was easily one of the most lavish, entertaining, opulent and boozy local events I’ve ever been lucky enough to attend. Lars Gustavsson peppered the night with anecdotes on his time with DICE, displayed his abundant affection for the Battlefield franchise, and was a friendly and approachable class act.

I’d like to thank EA and DICE for the opportunity to attend and an evening I won’t soon forget.

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