Video: Shadow Warrior will wok your world


Gamescom-2013-Hands-On-Shadow-Warrior-PC-377898-2Even if you’ve never played or seen the original Shadow Warrior from 1997, these latest videos show more than a simple HD makeover. Feast your eyes on this stunning reboot and watch out for splatter if you are in the front few rows. You might just get wet.


You are one ugly… thing

First up is the latest teaser trailer to give you a slice of the action plus a few hints on story direction.

Kind of.


My blade thirsts for blood

Now we come to the main course.

Check out Flying Wild Hog’s promotional video for Shadow Warrior’s under appreciated features.

Don’t talk, just watch.

Showing off both humour and also its fast and furious gameplay, Shadow Warrior is showing the potential to be one of the best conceived reboots to hit the market.

Did you play the original? What else would you like to see in the reboot?

Chuck a comment below, we want to know your thoughts.

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  • Chad Wheeler

    That looks absolutely ridiculous, but in the best possible way. I never had the pleasure of playing the original but it doesn’t stop this game from looking crazy, awesome and crazy awesome.