Grand Theft Auto V shows off its commercial success


grand_theft_auto_gta_v-wideWith just on a week to go before Grand Theft Auto V hits the shelves, Rockstar Games’  PR push has hit overdrive. Not only do we have a fresh new batch of screens, but a hilarious video featuring a slew of in game commercials sure to tickle your funny bone.

We leave the small screen and move onto screenshots. Gotta say, we’re pretty damned excited about this one. Will Grand Theft Auto V live up to the hype? Everyone will be able to make their own decision in a week’s time.


Just another regular old supply pick-up for Trevor.


Don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t say it. Dammit! GET TO THA CHOPPAAAA!


I’m getting a real Con Air/Fast and Furious 6 feeling about this.


Steven Seagal makes a triumphant return in Executive Decision 2: I’m Back Bitches.


Livin’ life in the fast lane…


Quit your beachin’


That’s at least a three bean burrito sized backfire right there.


Trev calls this The Problem Solver, and also Betty.


Last but not least comes the heist planning whiz Lester.

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  • Chad Wheeler

    One thing Rockstar always manages to deliver well is the kind of sarcastic humour found in that video of commercials. I know most of my excitement for GTA V is mostly from the hype train but damn I’m excited for it.

  • Bagmup

    aww, your stolen video has been removed. I’m with Chad, excited, but wary.