Five keys to surviving Hearthstone


hearthstone-heroes-of-warcraftOver the past week I have been delving deep into the competitive and addictive world of Blizzard’s up and coming sleeper hit, Hearthstone. After a veritable montage of training I have started to get the hang of this game. Time to share some tips.

5 – Train first, online second

Who dares say card games are stupid?

Who dares say card games are stupid?

Not taking my own advice I launched myself into the unforgiving world of online play the first chance I had. Not that this is a completely stupid idea, in fact I fared quite well considering, however, it is well worth your while to spend time in practice mode. Not only does this allow you to unlock the other classes, but also gives you time to learn the strengths and weakness of all of them as well. As it is a card game, there is always a randomisation element to the game, but these traits can often offer insight into the players’ strategies long before the first card is placed giving you a useful and tactical advantage.

2 – Rebuild your decks constantly

Decisions, desicions

Decisions, decisions

It is easy to forget how often you get new cards in Hearthstone. Make sure you take the time to get to know and frequently modify your decks. Take note of cards which don’t quite fit in or fight the nature of the deck you have built. If you can build decks every few rounds, do it. These little changes will help you decide the best play style to run with and helps you get used to playing your opponent and not the hand you are dealt.

3 – When in doubt, adopt new tactics

A bit of this, a bit of that

A bit of this, a bit of that

Don’t get locked into playing a particular style of play. Though it is nice to have a main class or work your way towards the perfect deck, you should mix it up and change up you class and deck constantly. This will help you grow as a player and help you learn which decks to play at the appropriate time. Try fiddling around with different abilities such as light mana decks (cheaper cards to use each round, letting you play more of them) to overrun enemies, or the opposite end of the spectrum,decks with mainly spells. You never know, trying these may lead you to a new play style you didn’t even know was the perfect fit.

4 – Never assume victory


Overwhelmed, or playing smart?

It may seem stupid but truthfully the best advice I can give is Hearthstone is a tricky game to predict. As you get further into a game it is easy to see your hard fought progress fall apart as the more devastating creatures and spells begin to roll onto the board. Be sure to hold on to some of your more powerful cards, such as spells with blanketing damage, for emergencies. These cards may feel like a Hail Mary, but when you are in the final moments of a match playing them may lead you to sweet sweet victory.

5 – Be adventurous and take chances

This is gonna hurt

This is gonna hurt

Don’t be afraid to experiment as much as possible. Try tactics like overwhelming the enemy with brute force and see how your opponent reacts. Try using a deck of freezing cards to stop your opponent from making attacks. Some of your tactics and strategies will work, others won’t but you will learn as you go the effect your actions have on your opponent. Recognising the right moves and time to play specific cards is vital if you want to succeed playing Hearthstone.

Boom. Head shot!

Boom. Headshot!

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