Artsy-Fartsy: Dabbling into Diablo III (Again)


diablo_3_tyrael_without_the_d3_logo_1221346077.1680x0After finally getting our hands on the console version of Diablo III, we’re checking into rehab for loot addiction all over again. With hacking and slashing taking hold it only seems right to drop some of the sweet artwork behind this game. Check it out.


Wow, they really let this place go.


A coat of paint, some drapes and this place could be much more homely.


My, what a big club you have.


Click on this one and stare down El Diablo, the detail is amazing.


Didn’t we see you in Crash Bandicoot?


John Woo called, he wants his slow motion dives back, also, no doves?


There is something decidedly unholy about this church.


The aftermath of the beach party was intense.


Grrr, arrgh!

There you are gang, awesome concept artwork from the team at Blizzard.

So whose grabbed the console version of Diablo III? Enjoying the tweaks and gameplay changes?

Toss a comment in the section below and let us know your thoughts.

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