Video: Gamescom trailer explosion


german-beerGamescom is upon us and with it comes bratwurst, beer, babes and announcements galore such as PlayStation 4 launch dates (Nov 29th here in Oz), Borderlands 2 coming to the PlayStation Vita and a sexy slew of trailers to shock and awe you. Prost!

Get your slay on in Ryse: Son of Rome’s Gladiator mode. Are you not entertained?

Dead Rising 3 is the feather in Xbox One’s exclusive cap. Check out this magic cinematic look.

Cops, racers and now undercover pigs are road hazards to avoid in Need For Speed Rivals.

Batman: Arkham Origins’ new assassin is about to get his wings clipped, meet Firefly.

Battlefield 4 shows off more vehicular warfare. This time you’re on a boat… motherfucker.

Last but not least, Titanfall impresses with this upskirt at its Attrition Mode in Angel City. Wow!

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Dave Kozicki

Shotgun Samurai
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  • Chad Wheeler

    I’m still not that interested in Ryse but the gladiator style combat looks kind of fun. Dead Rising 3 looks pretty rad, hopefully they’ll have a PC/PS4 release not too long after its initial run on the Xbone. NFS: Rivals looks alright but nothing overly new. I’m super excited for Arkham Origins, definitely something I want to play. While I have no interest in the campaign for BF4 the immense levels of destruction and dynamic content in the multiplayer looks pretty sweet. Finally Titanfall, I’m not completely sold on it yet but I am liking the verticality (not a word, don’t even care) of it all with those jetpacks and the objective based gameplay.