Ten controller enabled mobile games you must play


16t7b-bluetooth-940x529After reviewing one of the SteelSeries Free Mobile Wireless Controllers my mobile gaming repertoire has dramatically increased. I tried out a large selection of Bluetooth enabled games and figured it was time to pass on the love and give you my top ten picks.

10 –  Gloomy Dungeons 2 : Blood Honor (Android)

Feeling nostalgic?

Feeling nostalgic yet?

Though there are many better looking and more competent shooters out there, Gloomy Dungeons 2: Blood Honor has a wonderful retro style to it. Using sprite style enemies and blocky retro graphics it removes the need for a long winded story or open world and instead gives you an old school First-Person Shooter bloodbath. Simple, fun and engaging.

9 –  Expandable Rearmed (Android)



Games like this rarely gets the credit it deserves. Expandable Rearmed is a balls-to-the-wall action-fest with more explosions than a Michael Bay film. Filled with awesome weapons and power-ups it never gets dull, making it the perfect game for quick bursts of stimulation.

8) Sideways Racing (iOS)

Fully sick bro!

Fully sick bro!

Sideways racing reminds me of the old MicroMachines titles. Its top down view point and basic control system make it easy to play and as the races continue, the game steps up the pace and throws in power ups to add some more flavour. Once the tracks begin to get more crazy it evens out and the fun really begins.

7 –  Riptide GP (iOS/Android)



Riptide GP is one of the most visually stunning and polished controller based games around. It really feels like Android’s answer to the PlayStation exclusive Wipeout series, with the same smooth gameplay and crazy level design. The cool water physics will keep you guessing and each level has plenty of replayability. This is a must have for racing fans.

6 –  Shadow Gun (iOS/Android)

Wait, is this Killzone?

Wait, is this Killzone or Gears of War?

This game may be a straight rip-off of Gears of War but the graphics are impressive, grimy and atmospheric. Plus, the gameplay actually keeps you on your toes. Shadow Gun fails to offer anything new to Third-Person Shooter genre but it ‘s got you covered when you want a quick shooter fix on the way home.

5 –  N.O.V.A. 3 – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance (iOS/Android)

Aww, they have lasers

Aww, they have lasers

Showing off the best visuals Android can muster NOVA 3 is simply brilliant for tablets. Just be aware it is designed with the newer Android devices in mind. Action packed, this title has a decent number of  hours to its campaign, a Call of Duty quality storyline and a heck of a multiplayer as well.

 4 –  Space Inversion: Puzzle (iOS)

Their coming!

Old skool cool

I am seriously addicted to this game. It plays out like Space Invaders with a interesting puzzle twist. Connect the colours together and you can clear whole sections in one go, adding a whole new level of strategy. Be warned, it can get hard quickly.

 3 –  Sky Riders (iOS/Android)



Zany and bizarre, this little racer reminds me of the bonus levels in Sonic the Hedgehog. Your craft speeds along a dangerous path and you’re tasked with collecting as many stars as possible without falling off the track. Don’t let the cute graphics fool you, this game is intense and will have you losing hours at a time on a single track!

 2 –  Ravensword: Shadowlands (iOS/Android)

It's not Skyrim, but its doing a damn good job trying

It’s not Skyrim, but it’s doing a damn fine job trying

Every console needs a solid Role-Playing Game. For me Ravensword was one of the first in the genre I actually enjoyed on Android. It’s story is a tad weak, but it makes up for it with a decent array of weapons, magic and pure adventure. Much like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim prepare yourself for a bunch of annoying glitches. This game is far from perfect but manages to offer enough to counterbalance its flaws. Absolutely worth the price tag.

 1 –  Dark Incursion (iOS/Android)

Take that Nazi scum!

Take that Nazi scum!

I still believe there are few gaming experiences which can top a sharp platformer. Dark Incursion is fast, furious and super rewarding. It offers steady progression, cool bosses and umpteen hours of gameplay. If you have a Smart phone you should definitely try this one out, with or without a controller.


There you have it, ten titles you need to get all over with your Bluetooth controller.

Do you have any you would add? Any classics I might have missed??

Chuck a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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