Aussie made fan film Fallout: Lanius takes over YouTube

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fallout-lanius-1There has been a lot of hype surrounding this fan made flick follows the rise of Fallout: New Vegas’  brutal and ruthless villain, Legate Lanius. While a lucky few had a sneak peek at PAX, the rest of the world can now drink in the blood-soaked splendour of Fallout: Lanius.

Looks like Legate Lanius is compensating for something

Looks like Legate Lanius is compensating for something

Given the extremely modest budget rumoured to be under the $20,000 mark, the Perth based team behind the project has done a fantastic job with beautiful attention to detail in the costume department and lashings of appropriately gory combat. The film premièred at PAX Australia and was released today into the wilds of YouTube and has already garnered over 100,000 views.

Steeped in Fallout: New Vegas lore it details the humble beginning of the Monster of the East, Legate Lanius, the driving force of terror for Cesar’s Legions and the game’s final boss. Fallout: Lanius gives a fan fuelled insight into his motivations and brutality. It’s well worth a look and bodes well for the local industry when passion projects are produced of this calibre.

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  • Chad Wheeler

    This post has reminded me that this exists, for that I thank you. It was really well done considering it’s a fan film and the badassery just doesn’t stop.

  • PSIress

    Agree! i have been following these guys way back when they started pitching the ideas and trying to get funding. Amazing to see how far they have come, makes you realise that hey, maybe anything is possible.

  • Snake

    Where’s the kick starter to turn this into a feature film?

  • Bagmup

    Cool videos. Although, if they want it to be like a Bethesda game, the video should crash and corrupt your PC..