Video: Super Mario gets Crews controlled


Terry-Crews-in-The-Expendables-2-Video-Game-TrailerIf you’re unfamiliar with the muscle bound behemoth eye-balling you in the thumbnail, it’s Terry Crews, star of The Expendables, The Newsroom and spokesman for Old Spice.We stumbled upon this ad from earlier this year and simply had to pay it forward.

Terry's take on Mario is heavy on the Crewsy

Terry’s take on Mario is heavy on the Crewsy

This is one minute of insanity that you’ll find impossible to turn away from. It’s dripping with classic old school Super Mario inspired tunes and the big man himself even virtually dons the garb of the world’s most famous jump happy plumber. We’ve watched it dozens of times over the last 24 hours and prescribe it as the cure for whatever ails you.

Go ahead. Try not to laugh. We dare you.

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