Video: Rockstar reveals Grand Theft Auto V with a flourish


GTA_5_robberyOnly Rockstar Games could show the supreme confidence in its premier franchise to reveal gameplay merely nine weeks away from the title’s launch. Up until now only a select few have been lucky enough to get a peek up Grand Theft Auto V’s skirt.

Six million ways to die, choose one (OK we may have exaggerated)

Six million ways to die, choose one (OK we may have exaggerated)

Much like GTA: San Andreas showcased the true power of the PlayStation 2 as it was released in the twilight of the console’s life, so too Grand Theft Auto V pushes the PlayStation 3 to its limits. The lighting effects are gorgeous, the world is stunning and immense and the gameplay options are three times what you’d expect. Three protagonists, three different approaches and you can shift through each on the fly. Think Driver: San Francisco’s car switching and you’re on the right track.

The five minute trailer below details Rockstar Games’ living breathing world taking gamers in a whole new direction as part of a robbery crew, as opposed to a one man army. You’ll have the opportunity to execute increasingly more difficult and daring robberies and tailor each plan of attack to your individual style of play. It looks absolutely amazing, and we’re not known for jumping onto the GTA bandwagon, but after this look we’ll happily jump on-board for the ride.

Don’t take our word for it. Take a gander at the trailer below.

Grand Theft Auto V is looking like a pretty safe bet with Rockstar Games delivering on all its lofty promises, and then some.

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