Podcast: Hotline Miami wreaks havoc on service providers


Hotline-Miami-logoThis week we’re previewing the crap out of a bucket-load of games including Diablo III on PS3, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Splinter Cell: Blacklist, AND we review the super stylish Hotline Miami. Boom!  Tune in 8pm Wednesday AEST for the rawDLC live feed.

The rawDLC podcast is like no other.

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The podcast is recorded live at 8pm on Wednesday nights (AEST) via Ustream with chatroom interaction, so come and join the fun as your hosts realistically break down the latest from the gaming world.

The podcast is uncensored, explicit, honest and doesn’t burden itself with political correctness.

An audio-only version of the podcast can be found by searching for ‘rawDLC’ in iTunes.

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Now's that's a whole bloody mess of 80s awesome

Now’s that’s a whole bloody mess of 80s awesome

Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod for supplying the intro track.

Big ups to Sony Computer Entertainment for review codes of Hotline Miami.

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