PAX AUS: Use your noggin and contribute to our panel


PAX_Australia_admissionAs PAX Australia draws closer and closer, less than a mere week away, Josh and Dave are getting a little excited. rawDLC and a bunch of their pals will be on stage in their very own panel and the guys want to make sure their faithful fans have their say.

Be heard at our panel

Be heard at our panel

Next Saturday at 4pm in the Wombat Theatre the lads will be running the above panel, but they want to know what you guys have to say. Are there any questions burning in your soul? Things that you query or which tick you off? Something that grinds your gears? Toss in a question or comment in keeping with the panel outline and you never know, it may just get added to the agenda.

If you’ve ever wanted to ask a question or make a point there’s no time like the present.

What have you got to lose? Pipe up in the comments below.

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  • Snake

    Are multiplatform games really going to become mulitform are people playing battlefield 4 on the PS3 going to be able to play against people playing on the PS4

  • Joam

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