PAX AUS: Sneaky Bastards’ Stealth Gaming Panel with a non-traditional stealth expert speaker from rawDLC


sneaky_bastards_iconAt an event the size of PAX AUS fleeting moments of disappointment were inevitable. With the sheer volume of people in attendance it was nigh impossible to get into every panel, game demo or concert. The Stealth Gaming Panel was one such hot commoditiy.


How has stealth evolved over the years? Tune in to find out

The panel was the brainchild of Sneaky Bastard’s Dan Hindes who recruited a selection of stealth gaming experts, including Fourth Player Podcast Co-host Nathan Cocks and PC PowerPlay freelancer Terrence Jarrad, to discuss the changing face of sneaky sneaky gaming.

The drawcard of the panel was Splinter Cell: Blacklist Animation Director Kristjan Zadziuk and rawDLC’s Dave Kozicki was recruited as a non-traditional stealth enthusiast.

From left to right - PC PowerPlay freelancer Terrence Jarrad. rawDLC's Dave Kozicki, Splinter Cell Blacklist Animation Director Kristjan Zadzuik, Fourth Player Podcast Co-host Nathan Cocks and Sneaky Bastards Editor Dan HindeF

From left to right – PC PowerPlay’s Terrence Jarrad. rawDLC’s Dave Kozicki, Splinter Cell Blacklist Animation Director Kristjan Zadziuk, Fourth Player Podcast’s Nathan Cocks and Sneaky Bastards Editor Dan Hindes

After an initial stumble, literally off-stage, as Dave actually disappeared off behind a curtain knocking over a ladder in the process, the room was filled to capacity and the panel hit full swing.

The focus was on Splinter Cell: Blacklist, though the entire gamut of stealth gaming was covered with traditionalists embracing ghosting and the more professional aspects of stealth where you remain unseen, unheard and disturb nothing. Dave represented the newer breed who enjoy the genre and challenge, but prefer to taunt AI and get their hands more than a little dirty.

The panel was a fascinating look at an often misunderstood and overlooked genre, filled with fun and entertaining chat followed up by some thought-provoking questions from the crowd.

You don’t have to take our word for it, though.

Below is an audio recording of the entire panel for your listening pleasure.

We’d like to thank Sneaky Bastards’ Dan Hindes for inviting us along to contribute to the panel, Ubisoft for slipping Kristjan Zadziuk in during his hectic schedule and all those who attended and braved the daunting lines to check it out.

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