PAX AUS: Preview – rawDLC invades Melbourne


pax 1a

Well it’s almost midnight, so now seems the perfect time to grab hold of whatever sobriety remains between the two members of rawDLC and give you our preview of what’s to come in PAX Australia. There will be laughs and it’s a little off the wall.

After unexpected drinks at the Game Developers Association of Australia pre-PAX party (damn, that’s a mouthful), we we’re treated to a selection of Indie tablet and mobile games. Then drank in a speech from the Minister of Tourism and the head honchos from the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) praising each other, and then drank in some more drinks and we geared up for the next three days of insanity.

But why do the reading thing when you can watch?

Here’s our rather irreverent preview of things to come.

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