PAX AUS: Our “Why so serious?” panel – audio edition


WhySoSerious-Swatch-BlackOn the second day of PAX it was time to take to the stage and deliver an insightful look behind the scenes of games writing. Thanks to a few friends in high places making up the panel, and some more on the day, here’s the entire panel for those who missed out.


The panel was comprised of a who’s who of both video gaming print and online media, including (from left to right in the pic above) former GameArena editor Joab Gilroy, AusGamers’ editor Stephen Farrelly, Hyper Magazine’s editor Daniel Wilks, the host with the most and rawDLC co-founder Josh Philpott, freelancer extraordinaire and rawDLC co-founder Dave Kozicki and Techlife editor Rae Johnston.


I disagree!

A wide variety of topics were covered with the nature of reviews discussed, dealing with code in its various stages and what exactly is newsworthy to just name a few. The hour long packed to capacity panel was frank and honest with panellists looking for a return to discussing the more pressing issues in the games industry, namely those mainly concerned with the games themselves.

The panel talked about working towards open and free communication between gamers of all types, be they developers, media or consumers and a move away from more tabloid styled sensationalism. The Q&A section following provided some insightful questions from the crowd with a loose and casually humourous atmosphere permeating throughout the hour long event.

We’d like to wholeheartedly thank all of our friends and peers for their unwavering support both on and off the panel, give kudos and even more thanks to the panellists for giving up their time and making the event such a success.

Most of all we’d like to thank the audience who queued up for nearly two hours to be there.

Seeing people waiting in line was humbling, hearing the line was cut off nearly an hour before the start even more so and from the applause at the conclusion we know it was worth the wait and we’re glad we could all share in the experience together.

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