PAX AUS: Final day – Chill out sessions



After a crazy run of panels, insanely frigid temperatures, rain and bustling crowds, there was little that could dampen both our or the heaving throng at PAX AUS’ spirits. With the hard yards done, Josh and Dave moseyed on around and took in the sights.


The main pavilion was still chock a block, even in the dying hours with the and League of Legends booths grabbing a metric tone of traffic.


It was a tech and gearhead’s delight with oh so many wonderful toys.


Almost every PC hardware manufacturer you could think of was showing off their wares.


Cosplayers were out in force. This Iron Man  mash-up with Link from The Legend of Zelda could barely move five steps before someone asked for a picture, us included.


Still on cosplay, Borderlands 2 was heavily represented. Say hello to Zer0, Gauge the Mechromancer and Lilith the Siren.


Nintendo set up a huge booth right smack bang in the middle of the main hall…


…. to let Australian combatants duke it out for a spot in the Pokemon World Championship.


As the last of the panels wound down, a slow melancholy started to hit us.


As we bid farewell to the media room, our surrogate home for the last three days, a triumphant, exhausted sadness fell over us, though a smile crept across our dials as we realised that next year’s PAX would be bigger and even better.

Stay tuned over the next week as we’ll be inundating you with our hands-on previews, interviews and panel coverage.

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