PAX AUS: Day 2 – Our “Why so serious?” panel


WHY_SO_SERIOUS_by_WarOfLandAndSeaAs we sat in the media room close to 2pm gathering our thoughts and knocking out final preparations for our panel at the Wombat Theatre at 4pm, there was a buzz outside. Plenty of gamers have been happy to queue up for PAX panels but we weren’t expecting this.992932_536820683032969_926393159_n

This was the start of the line nearly two hours before the panel started.


And it just kept on going.

With an hour to go before our panel began the line was cut off.


The crowd was alive.

We were filming it. GameSpot was filming it. That guy in the front row was filming it.

We were all feeling equal parts excitement and nervousness as we geared up with editors aplenty.


From left to right panelists were AusGamers’ Stephen Farrelly, GameArena’s Joab Gilroy, Hyper Magazine’s Daniel Wilks, Dave from rawDLC bringing the hammer down and Techlife’s Rae Johnston.


Josh makes final technical preparations…


… as Dave entertains the crowd, and fellow panelists.


It begins.


Josh sets the stage.


And here’s some questions from the crowd.

But what of the panel you say? Well this is just the photographic entree to whet your appetite.

We’ll have the entire hour long panel in audio and video format coming your way real soon.

We’d like to thank all the amazing panelists for making it a tremendous success. The response was warm, the crowd questions were intelligent and varied and the entire thing flowed smooth as silk and went off without a hitch. We couldn’t have asked or hoped for a better result.

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  • adin75

    Stood in that fucking queue for an hour and a half, only to be told, with the door in sight that it was full. And that right there happened at every single panel. If PAX is in Melbourne again next year, they need to find a venue that can handle the numbers.

    The queues soured an otherwise great event.

    A shame I didn’t end up getting to catch you guys, maybe next year.

  • Snake

    Looked like a great event. Too bad I couldnt travel to Melbourne. And when the next event is in Sydney I’m overseas :(

  • Chad Wheeler

    Look ma! I’m on the internets! Third picture down and another with the back of my head!

    Out of all the panels I tried and failed to get into I’m glad I managed to get into this one.

  • kozeeii

    Sorry to hear that Adin, fret not though, we’ll have an audio and video of the panel up on the site real soon.

  • kozeeii

    It was clearly the best panel of PAX AUS, right?

  • Chad Wheeler

    Given that it was near impossible to get into any other panels at PAX, I’d say your panel wins by default.

  • Kochie

    I’m in the front row next to the guy filming! I really want to re-watch/listen to this panel again to see that journo student get shut down. The hour and a half wait was well worth it. :)

  • kozeeii

    The audio of the panel will be up tomorrow. The video, shortly afterwards.