PAX AUS: Day 2 – In full swing


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With the panel taking on a life of its own yesterday and some catastrophic tech issues, including the death of the brand new Go-Pro camera and one of our laptops, we’ve had a few roadblocks to overcome. However, yesterday is yesterday and today is today.

Saturday was all about hitting the floor and seeing some of the multitude of gamers who braved the horrible Melbourne weather to attend Australia’s premier gaming event, and they came in droves.

Here’s a colourful look at the Main Exhibition hall and the Big Top filled to the brim with game enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes wearing their love for the industry on their sleeves, on their t-shirts or representing in wonderful and faithfully accurate cosplay attire.


Is that a tank? Yep. It’s a freakin’ tank! The World of Tanks stand spared no expense


Dave’s strategy of using an umbrella at laser tag may not pay off that well


It’s like this everywhere


The Dusty Cartridge boys came to play in fully decked out Hotline Miami gear. Super stuff that!


The Gears of War Retro Lancer is the weapon of choice for stand security


Surprise Attack represents the newest addition to the Australian indie game development scene


Mother of God… Look out!

And this is just a taste. Next up we’ve got some pics from our “Why so serious?” panel, we’ll try to jerry-rig some video footage together from the carcass of our Go-Pro camera and we have interviews, play-tests and video of the two panels we contributed to all dropping over the coming days.

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