Opinion: Seeing red over Remember Me



With E3 dropping industry bombshells and against the juggernaut The Last of Us, Remember Me slipped through the cracks and fell by the wayside. On the receiving end of harsh reviews Josh digs beyond a score out of ten to see if it deserved such criticism.



It is so easy to jump on the hate bandwagon slanting games that are not perfect. Remember Me truly excited me from the first time I saw it. The game felt original, the characters seemed interesting and concept designs wer bursting with flavour. But within an hour of playing the game problems began to stack up and it went from good to average. However, I continued on, determined to give it the time it deserved. After dragging through another few hours I began writing notes, mainly to keep track of the multiple problems and issues driving me mad. Having pushed on even further, my short list had become pages long. Here are my thoughts, both the good and the bad.

The Good

Chillin' in Paris

Chillin’ in Paris

Visuals Remember Me piqued interest with its cool teaser trailers painting an amazing picture of a future Paris as classic looking architecture blends with exciting future technology. This is truly where the game shines the strongest. The city itself is almost its own character. From the slums to the shopping districts and all the way up to the loftier more opulent locations, Remember Me has outstanding attention to detail put into its design.

Characters – Nilin is a female lead with some depth and much less of a general archetype than I expected. She is aggressive, focused and strong, giving you a character who you want to progress with. Alongside Nilin the cast are all interesting (though quite generic), with nerdy characters, the cool guy, the bad ass chick and interesting villains, each with a French twist to them.

The Bad

Cool, but not where you wish the camera was

Cool, but not where you wish the camera was

The camera – This is not the first game to have a broken camera system, however it is one of the most confusing I have seen in a long time. When you move the camera will mostly take care of itself putting the viewpoint on a corner or at an angle that allows you to see the surrounding area. However, the angle chosen is almost always a bit off making jumps difficult, navigation awkward and combat frustrating. But wait! Dontnod Entertainment allows you to use the right stick to adjust the camera when you need to. Problem is, this is more of a hindrance than an help. The movement of the camera is slow leaving you stuck between two equally awkward systems both likely to drop you off a ledge as you try to make a difficult jump.

The combat – Sure, on the surface it is very similar to the controls of the Batman: Arkham series. The key concepts are streamlined down to attack, counter and dodge. What could go wrong with that? Well, try adding a bad camera, then drop in the worst combo system I have ever seen. The combos are simple enough to perform, just use two buttons in different orders which you customise in your combo lab menu. However, when you are fighting large groups of bad guys the long combos end up going out the window and you are stuck dropping short three to four hit combos between dodges. Plus if you want to change up your tactics, you need to pause the action, stopping the gameplay and fluff around in a menu. This kind of combat doesn’t really appreal to everyone.

The Ugly

Pow! Right in the kisser!

Pow! Right in the kisser

The glitches – Remember Me has caused me to rage so badly over the odd and game breaking glitches it brought on. During one five minute cut-scene Nilin’s head glitched out and swivelled 180°  talking to the camera instead of the character in front of her. During a memory altering scene, a rewind caused a doctor to walk out of the area and operate on a patient who wasn’t there. My favourite, though, was a door lock hack which went wrong causing the entire screen to go red and stay that way for about an hour of gameplay. I could forgive these problems if they didn’t continually happen. Every time I began to enjoy myself or get into the story, something as I detailed above happened and I began to rage all over again.

The controls – Nilin moves awkwardly, lacking any jump button besides contextual climbing and even that is broken and clunky. She morphs from a bad arse assassin one minute to lobotomised subject when outside combat, without the ability to do anything apart from climb, pick up items and run. This led me to give up on Remember Me. Every competent fight I had was coupled with a long session of painfully simple platforming to push the story along till the next cut-scene or combat moment.


Back off!

No matter how hard I wanted to like it the controls kept fighting me leaving me angry and frustrated. Remember Me’s potential is lost in a myriad of glitches and bad control schemes.

If you disagree, I would love to hear your side. Please feel free to use the comment field below to let rawDLC know what you thought of Remember Me.

Perhaps you have some problems of your own you need to get off your chest.

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  • Chad Wheeler

    It’s really disappointing to hear that a game with such great potential takes a dive bomb (mostly) because of shoddy control systems.

  • Harley Nero

    I completly agree, i had to restart many sections due to glitches that had me stuck in a wall, the climbing/jump mechanic was rough at the best of times and often i found myself falling due to no idea where i had to jump to next…and after 7 hours of climb here fight these guys then climb here fight those guys and those guys to then go over here and climb, i also had many a rage moment…i also found in a large group(6+ enemys) the combo was pointless…wanted to enjoy but just could…did love the steampunk/judge dreed esk backdrop tho…and the disappearing leapers was a nice touch(except for having to constantly trigger flood lights to find them even when in the middle of a combo)

  • MetalGenocide

    While I can understand what you are getting at, other than the long combo’s vs many enemies later on in the game, I didn’t face any bad camera or shoddy controls. Not having played the Arkham series, I can only compare to Assassin’s Creed, and it did feel similar but with a lacking open world, which would have been nice to see. Saying that, my only real flaw with Remember Me, and many other new releases, are that they are very short games with little-to-no replay-ability :(

  • DoGM3At

    Totally understand MetalGenocide, I really just wrote this because of disappointment. I feel you on the short story mode, just as you begin to get invested, it’s over.
    I wanted this game to be an awesome future franchise but instead it was just average and short. Such a shame.