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burialheader-664x374Irrational Games has been coy about its downloadable content for BioShock Infinite, but today the floodgates have opened. The horde mode addition “Clash in the Clouds” is now available, but it’s the upcoming “Burial at Sea” content has us really excited.

It's you against the heavy-hitters of Columbia

It’s you against the heavy-hitters of Columbia

In “Clash in the Clouds” you do battle against increasingly difficult waves of enemies across four maps for unlocks, new secrets from playable Voxaphones and, of course, bragging rights on the world stage via leaderboards.

Get a glimpse on what’s on offer in the teaser trailer below.

What really grabbed us by the short and curlies was the upcoming two-part “Burial at Sea” downloadable content.

The franchise comes full circle

Here we go again… again

This new content will give gamers a chance to revisit the setting of the first two instalments of the series delving the ocean’s depths in the underwater city of Rapture. Not only will you be able to harness all the newfangled abilities of Logan Booker, but your sassy and infinitely more powerful sidekick Elizabeth will also be a playable character.

While details remain guarded the implications are enough to leave us in a quivering puddle of drool by our controllers. What abilities will she use? Can we call through new allies through tears? Is this the same universe or an alternate dimension? We’ll let you know as soon as we do.

Until then, enjoy this tease of Rapture’s murky depths and muse over the insanity to follow.

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