Artsy-Fartsy: Early Mass Effect concept art



It’s always intriguing to look at concept art and note the little differences between the original designs and the finished product. All Games Beta dug up some early pieces for the Mass Effect series and these images are simply fantastic. Click on to check them out.

(Click on each picture to view in the original resolution)


Reavers are coming to crash the party, pretty sure they were NOT on the door list


Meet Tali – sans mask


Are you The Matrix?


No ticket!


I believe those are my Space Food Sticks, bro


Disco parties in the future are wild!


Where the fuck am I? Man, last night was cray cray


Sure the rent is cheap but it seems a bit drafty


Enjoy the calm before the storm before the Reapers show up


Boom! There are a selection of pictures to brighten up your week, full kudos again to All Games Beta.

So, what did you guys think? Are you a fan?

Drop a comment below and let’s start a discussion.

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