Screens: Rockstar slips in GTA V amidst the E3 madness

gta-5-wallpaper-frankiln -michael

GTAVTraditionally absent during E3, you can’t help but wryly smile over Rockstar Games’ timing to drop this new batch of Grand Theft Auto V screens. It’s almost like the cool kids felt left out of the big show’s spotlight and wanted a piece of the action.

We don’t really care for the reasons why, we just want to see some frikken gameplay already, especially since Grand Theft Auto V’s release is only a few months away.

Until then we suppose these screens will have to do.


OK fellas, it’s time to storm E3 and let these fools know who they’re messing with.


We’ll take ’em by land…


… by air,


… and by sea. They won’t know what hit them.


Franklin will take care of the cops.


Leaving Trevor to go ape-shit doing what he does best.


Before making a Kenny Powers style getaway…


… and meeting up at the rendezvous point, while Michael mops up any stragglers.


Then it’s nothing but rolling sunsets, señoritas and margaritas, baby!

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