Podcast: Episode 130 – E3 spectacular – boozed edition



On this week’s extended podcast, Dave and Josh grab PAX Australia’s Guy ‘Yug’ Blomberg and dissect this year’s jam packed E3. Fuelled by beer and heated opinions the boys break down the major conferences, next-gen consoles and the amazing games in between.

The Division - Highlight of show

Tom Clancy’s The Division – Our pick for game of E3

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Freaking Jet-packs!

Titanfall – mechs and freaking jet-packs!

Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod for supplying the intro track.

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  • Chad Wheeler

    I’m still bummed that I didn’t get to make it to the live show but the audio version was enough to get my RawDLC hit for the week and as always it was awesome. With E3 being the most recent big thing, it was interesting to hear all of your points of view.

    This past week has had more excited than ever for PAX Aus too, if I actually owned a physical calendar I’d be marking off the days until then.