Podcast: E3 + PAX + YUG = Acronyms ahoy-hoy


e3-2013-scheduleTo celebrate E3 this week we’ve got an extended show this Friday night with guest PAX AUS’ Yug Blomberg and a bottle of booze and we ain’t afraid to use either! Tune in 8pm Friday AEST for the rawDLC live feed and buckle up for an uncensored look at the gaming world.

PAX's Yug shamelessly plugs the biggest gaming event Australia's seen - right in E3's face!

PAX’s Yug shamelessly plugs the biggest gaming event Australia’s seen – right in E3’s face!

The rawDLC podcast is like no other.

It’s all about giving no-nonsense raw opinions and gaming wisdom from a couple of Australian games writers.

The podcast is usually recorded live at 8pm on Wednesday nights (AEST) via Ustream with chatroom interaction, so come and join the fun as your hosts realistically break down the latest from the gaming world.

The podcast is uncensored, explicit, honest and doesn’t burden itself with political correctness.

An audio-only version of the podcast can be found by searching for ‘rawDLC’ in iTunes.

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The show can be seen after broadcast on the rawDLC Live page.

Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod for supplying the intro track.

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  • Chad Wheeler

    Dang I just noticed that this post says ‘8pm Friday’, I work on Friday and won’t be able to make it to the live show. Thankfully there is the audio version.

  • adin75

    Sadly, I won’t be able to attend, and I was looking forward to the post E3 show too :(