Five helpful tips to survive The Last of Us



Most titles require little forward planning or strategic play, allowing you to run and gun through it. The Last of Us pushes boundaries by putting you in harm’s way with next to no ammunition or resources. Having trouble staying alive? We’ve got your back.

1 –  Save your bullets

Wait for it...

Wait for it…

Sure it seems unnatural and almost drastic, but if you are thinking about pulling the trigger, consider all of your options first. Shivs are an easily renewable source of silent takedowns that can even work on Clickers, the most ferocious and aggressive of the infected.

There are almost always alternate paths through dangerous areas to avoid almost all fighting altogether. Hold back on using bullets until something goes wrong or you have cleared a path through most of your enemies. Even if you miraculously pull off nothing but headshots, the ammunition you collect rarely adds up to what you have spent.

2 –  If you do use guns, plan your attack first

One misfire can lead to this

A single misfire can lead to this

Sometimes there is no way to avoid a gun fight, so use your inventory to your advantage. Joel’s hearing ability is perfect to track and plot enemy routes. Place bombs in or around doorways for an explosive entrance or exit. Take cover above ground wherever possible. Molotov cocktails provide a fiery second line of defence.

Once the first wave triggers your bombs, have a Molotov at the ready and drop a wall of fire in front of you. Once you’ve thinned the herd, pick off and mop up the stragglers.

3 –  Don’t hoard your resources

Decisions, decisions

Decisions, decisions

I know it’s easy to fall into that RPG (role-playing game) mentality to avoid using items which may come in handy later on. If you’re collecting an item and your inventory is full, bite the bullet and craft something. If you have too many items, remember the spot and double back later if you can. There are so many items littered around, utilising your tools must become second nature.

Holding on to items such as bombs and Molotovs will leave you exhausting your ammunition supplies, Bomb and Molotovs can kill numerous enemies at once, you do the math. Lastly, be sure to be at full health before a fight. It is difficult to apply packs and bandages in the heat of battle so don’t get stuck in the mentality that you need to save them those health kits for a rainy day.

4 –  Only run if you absolutely have to

100 miles and runnin'!

100 miles and runnin’!

In a game like this, is there really ever any need to sprint around a building unless something’s trying to bite your face off? Enemies can hide anywhere and noise will send every one of them immediately in your direction. Take your time.

Moving slower you’ll stay undetected, be able to scavenge for more resources and you will have more time to react and strategise. Besides obvious moments when enemies are after you or you blow your cover, stick to the shadows and save yourself a lot of hassle.

5 –  Upgrade skills to fit in with your play style



Some of the more expensive and top tier skills have more benefits than a small health upgrade or quicker crafting ability. I saved up and invested in the upgrade to stop a Clicker with a shiv to the neck and it has saved my bacon more times than I can count.

Tailor the upgrades to how you play, you won’t be able to upgrade everything in a single playthrough. If you are more aggressive, focus on health and weapons. If you are all about stealth, focus on more range for your listening skills or crafting sturdier shivs. Stick to your strengths and upgrade accordingly.


Pay heed to these simple tips and you’ll be better equipped to survive the harsh environment.

Have you found any techniques you want to share? Toss a comment down in the field below and pass on the knowledge.

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