E3 2013: Microsoft Conference – what you need to know


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E3 is upon us and with it comes a host of crazy new announcements and a shitload of games. We’re here to give you the bullet points of each conference with trailers and more detailed breakdowns over the next three days. First up, Microsoft.

Microsoft’s Conference at a glance


Snake. Bitch.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The new Fox Engine shows off a really smooth and breathtaking open world. The game is online, it features real time time passage and the usual MGS oddness and hyper-real drama.


New look Xbox 360 freshly announced

Xbox 360 new design, available today

Two free games per month for Xbox Live gold members


Xbox 360 upcoming games:

World of Tanks: Xbox Edition – Online tank warfare

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood – Cool looking cartoon adventure

Dark Souls II –  Punishingly tough third-person RPG (role -playing game)


Ryse on Xbox one

Xbox One games

Ryse – Interesting looking Roman-style game, sold by a flashy Call of Duty style beach scene. Quicktime events heavy, bloody and repetitive looking. Not a strong first title.

Killer Instinct – A reboot of the classic title. A one-on-one fighting game big on violence and combos. The demo gave little away, but the combat does look cool.

Sunset Overdrive – Insomniac Games works on a new title, exclusive to XBOX One. Exciting, super stylish and possibly co-op.

Forza 5 – Xbox’s exclusive racing simulation, super hot graphics, amazingly real looking and very online focused

Minecraft : Xbox One Edition – Honestly, I have no idea of the features of this one. There was a quick montage and that was it. All I can say for sure is that it will be on Xbox One.

Quantum Break – A hybrid video-game and TV Show. Looks interesting, lots of attention to detail. Dramatic.

Project Spark – Voice driven and Smart glass supported game. Fun and exciting world creator. Totally mind-blowing.

Crimson Dragon – Average looking twitch shooter from the makers of Panzer Dragoon/

Dead Rising 3 – Apocalyptic open world, better control mechanics, HORDES of zombies. More dynamic combat, crafting and executions. Cars are now useful, smart glass integration.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – The brilliant story driven RPG sword and sorcery series continues. Voice command support. Combat looks amazing.

Battlefield 4 – 60 frames-per-second demo looked amazing, usual Battlefield heart pounding action with the commander role brought back to multiplayer on a grand scale..

Below – Game from Super Brother, Music by Jim Guthrie

New Halo Game – Big surprise announcement, but I don’t care till I see gameplay.

Titanfall –  Think Lost Planet done right as a first-person shooter by the ex-Infinity Ward founders. Exciting stuff, fluid and exciting controls. MECHS!


Xbox One – Console

Upload studio – Create, edit and upload recently recorded videos and replays.

Twitch – broadcast your games worldwide.

Microsoft moves away from point for purchases, opts for dollars.

XboxLiive Gold features can now be shared across the household.

November release date – price point set at $599.00


Phew! One down, many, many more to go! How did you find the show? Has it changed your mind on the console?

Toss a comment down below and lets discuss E3!

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  • Chad Wheeler

    They completely ignored the problems everyone has with the console. Granted they did show only games this time, but it wasn’t enough to make me completely disregard the stupid restrictions they have put in place.

    I did however think the ability to play singleplayer games while waiting for a multiplayer lobby was pretty cool.