E3 2013: EA Conference – the games to watch


e3-ea-inviteAfter the Microsoft Conference had finished and the fapping over Titanfall subsided (which I too, was guilty of), EA took centre stage and threw out an amazing array of sport based releases, epic shooters and a fan favourite role-playing game for good luck.

EA's boasting a big AAA line-up this year

EA’s boasting a big AAA line-up this year

Moving past the new addition to the Plants vs. Zombies series and the joyous announcement of Peggle 2 the long awaited Respawn Entertainment title is finally unveiled.

Titanfall is a multiplayer only take on the first-person shooter with parkour stylings, jetpacks for jump boosts and thunderous mechs dropping from the heavens which are yours to command.

Exclusive to Xbox and PC, this could be the carrot to entice gamers to grab an Xbox One. Then again, I think I’ll just get a high end PC and play it that way.

The next announcement sent the crowd into a frenzy, and rightfully so.

Say hello to Star Wars: Battlefront.

Need for Speed: Rivals offers seamless gameplay whether you’re a high octane street demon or the boys in blue tearing them a new one.

This demo showed off the beautifully flowing shift between open world, single-player race and multiplayer head-to-head as two individual racers cross paths and Michael Bay epicness ensues.

Role-playing game fans had their nethers twixed as BioWare teased Dragon Age: Inquisition.

EA Sports took centre field and it was a flurry of NBA, MAdden and FIFA. We were more excited about the foray into MMA. The thought of EA Sports bringing its Fight Night sensibilities to UFC makes us all warm and gooey inside. That’s right. Gooey.

EA then brought out the big gun, Battlefield 4. Not only did it showcase the return of Commander Mode, where one person can oversee the battlefield from a bird’s eye view and give orders and strategise accordingly, as seen below…

… but then it showed the multiplayer in action in the “Siege of Shanghai” and it’s clear over the next year with titles such as Titanfall, Destiny and Battlefield 4 online shooters will be operating on a whole new level.

And if that wasn’t enough to send you over the moon EA finally announced the long awaited sequel to Mirror’s Edge and boy-howdy does it look tasty.

Well that’s the lowdown from EA earlier today. What a jam-packed selection of stunners.

Stay tuned for our Ubisoft Conference wrap-up coming your way shortly.

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  • Chad Wheeler

    EA spent waaaaay too long on their sport games but the others appropriately excited me.

  • PSIress

    I’m really excited for Mirrors Edge 2