Cohesive fusion: Our top five co-op moves in Fuse


fuse_team_1Since we got it in our hot little hands Dave and I have been smashing out as much Fuse as we possibly can. The more we play, the more tactical our co-op strategy becomes. Here are some of the most effective team moves we have worked out so far.

Decimation in numbers

Decimation in numbers

The grunt rush

Sure, this might seem obvious but never underestimate the power of brute force. When you are facing a large group of enemies in a small room or corridor, bunch up with Dalton at the front. When Dalton deploys the Magshield (which protects you from firearms and grenades), it is easy to advance through the heaviest amount of incoming fire. As Dalton provides cover the rest of the team have a clear shot on any enemies unlucky enough to be in the vicinity as Dalton sends for an energy wave from his Magshield with the stopping power of a Sherman tank. Use this whenever possible as the whole team will earn healthy chunks of XP.

Burn baby burn!

Burn baby burn!

Shake and bake

Jacob’s Arcshot crossbow has a secondary attack which shoots a dart of super hot lava. Once it sticks to any surface the dart begins to spew out molten metal which burns any nearby enemies. This move is useful on its own but combined with Izzy’s Shattergun (which freezes and elevates any enemies tagged with multiple shots) it becomes the perfect solution to take down adversaries who are dug deeply into cover. The fiery discharge causes enemies to scatter, leaving them open for crystallization. From there, anyone can finish the job.

Psst! Behind you!

Psst… Behind you

Now you see me, now you’re dead

Naya already sports the amazing Warp Rifle which discharges singularities to envelop and disintegrate, but her secondary ability to cloak is really deadly when used at the right moment. If you need to take out an opponent hiding in front of you behind cover, get Dalton to use the Magshield to provide cover. Bring your team around one side as Naya sneakily flanks the other. When Dalton has advanced close enough to perform a shield pulse, uncloak and let them have a taste of the Warp Rifle. As the singularity builds, let off a shield pulse and boom! No more enemies. As an added benefit, all players involved receive a nice little XP bonus.

Safety in numbers

Safety in numbers

A beacon of hope

Sometimes you don’t get the best vantage point. In Fuse, ambushes come often and usually leave you struggling with waves of bad guys. To combat this, find yourself some cover and get Izzy to deploy a healing beacon. Once the beacon is down, damage is less of a problem and your team is free to bring the pain. Not only does it heal, but with the right buffs it can increase team damage. Plus, if a team member falls, it is easy to get them back on their feet without breaking the wall of fire as the beacon also auto-revives anyone within range.


I’ve got your back, bro!

Covering the covering fire

Dalton has the ability to deploy a standalone shield to hold off enemy fire while he repositions himself. If you find yourself defending a catwalk or hallway, drop a shield for your co-op buddies and then split into two teams and cover the other side with your Magshield. If you move quickly enough, the two shielded positions will allow enough time to carve up any opponents easy as pie.

There you have it, five easy moves to make your co-op experience far more more effective. Fuse has many tricks and tactics to play around with to better your unit’s cohesion.

Do you have any special combinations of your own? Comment down below and tell us your favourite tag team moments.

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