Artsy-Fartsy: Killer is Dead concept art


Killer-is-DeadAs the weekend nears it’s now that time of week when we gives you a small dose of culture to expand your horizons. Embrace the painted majesty. This week we take a delicious peek behind the curtain at Suda 51’s latest title, Killer is Dead. Bon appétit!

(Click on each picture to view in the original resolutions)


Isn’t this the space station from Star Trek?


Blending in ability… 2/10


Nice view, the one out the window ain’t bad either


*Insert stand off music here*


Killer knows a dynamite shortcut to work


They take turnstile jumping very seriously in the future


There you go dudes and dudettes, another batch of artwork to add a bit of culture to your Friday.

What do you think of Killer is Dead? Are you a Suda51 fan? Is this on your wishlist?

Chuck a comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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